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This broom is beyond amazing!!  I have never seen the likes!  I was at first a bit hesitant to buy because it is costly, but really wanted a light weight broom and decided since I am a MOM and work hard in my house, I deserve to try a 99 dollar broom.    I ordered it, it came in two days and I am on a high!!!!!  This broom is so light weight that I hardly feel like I am holding a broom.  Sweeping became a NEW Story for me!  I love it!!!  I am finding myself sweeping alot more often since it is no big deal!  Holiday season is coming up and you will laugh, but I am ordering them for my daughters and daughter in laws as gifts, and for my kids teachers too!!! This broom is surely a specialty!!!!!!!  Thank you for this product, it surely changed my life!!

OMG, this is the best broom I have ever owned!!! I just got new floors and wanted a broom that would not scratch the floor. This is definitely that broom. The horsehair is fabulously soft. If you get a broom that says genuine horsehair, but costs less than $60, it's not horsehair. I paid a little more for this one because I got the handle with it. Well worth it. I can't stop sweeping!!  

As soon as the box arrived to my house, I opened it up and started sweeping. We have 3 dogs and 3 cats ( we live out in the country - and they are not all in the house at the same time). So anyway, there is always a ton of pet hair all over the hardwood floors.  This broom swept it up like it was a hair magnet. A lot better than the rubber broom!   It is so light weight, thin, and swivels!  I Never thought I would be raving about a broom, but I am. It is truly wonderful!!  Thanx for the invention!!!!


This Broom is so so so lightweight! It saves me a lot of extra work! With the swivel base and horsehair, it picks up everything, gets into the corners and around legs of the furniture.
I love it and recommend it to anyone that wants to have an easier (maybe even enjoyable) time cleaning up the house!

 It may be weird to love a broom but I do!


Everyone in our family uses the broom, including my 18 month old.
I ordered this because I needed a broom and my friend recommended this one as the BEST BROOM, so I figured i will give it a shot. It never occurred to me how unnecessarily heavy other brooms are. I now hate using other brooms, which isn't really something you think about until you use one of these.  It's something I use everyday so definitely worth the higher than normal broom price.


To Our Dearest Daughter
Our appreciation is flowing
As our Nachos is growing
We’re feeling in debt
A gift we want to get
The options are vast
Each idea more appropriate than the last
We need to make up my mind
Something useful we  need to find
I thought back a lot
To the last present I got
When I opened the gift
My glance started to shift
I looked again twice
And wondered how nice
A BROOM are you for real?
Where is the steal?
But I started my chores
And tried it on my floors
And since then
No matter when
I try any other
Oh what a bother
This one is just so slick and smooth
And easy to use
I'm hooked on this toy
And I want you to enjoy
So as weird as it looks
It just sounds for the books
I still went ahead
And got nothing instead
Cuz when you'll be tackling a mess
THIS BROOM you'll just bless
Enjoy it a ton
And keep memories of the fun!!

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